MGS Designz is celebrating 14 years in business and we’d like to think that over the years we’ve learned a thing or two about marketing so today we’d like to talk to you about something that is very, very important for the success of your business. GETTING NOTICED!

In today’s competitive market – Good isn’t enough anymore. You need GREAT marketing techniques in order to stay on top of the game. GREAT IDEAS are a MUST in reaching that goal of getting noticed by your potential customers and growing your business. There are a few quick  and easy marketing TIPS that I would like to share with you today to help YOU Get Noticed.

Number One is to know that it is all about the customer! In order to reach your customer, you have to know WHO your customer is – get to know your market and try to put yourself in THEIR shoes – See It from THEIR point of view. The opinion of your boss, your printer, your marketing agent or your mom isn’t as important as what your CUSTOMER is going to think of your new Logo, your Website or your company image. You could have a wonderful product or service at a great price but if your customers don’t notice you… what good is it? Make sure you are getting your message across to the right person – YOUR CUSTOMER.


Number Two is to know that you have all of THREE SECONDS to grab the attention of your reader before they move on to the next item or page. Most People have a short attention span because they are used to quickly moving on to the next item at hand –  so be sure to use those three seconds wisely and to your advantage –


The way you do this is with SMART, CREATIVE and METHODICAL strategies that will help you stand out in the crowd and get noticed in three seconds.

TIP NUMBER TWO IS TO REMEMBER THE THREE SECOND RULE when creating your marketing campaign!

NUMBER THREE is to remember your favorite Marketing 101 acronym.


Unique is making it yours – owning it, having it represent you and creating something that is different from what everyone else out there has. Unique is something that isn’t going to get confused with the next ad out there.

Meaningful is making sure that your message speaks to the customer. Does it have value in their eyes? Can they see themselves using it or owning it? Does it mean something to the reader? If it doesn’t mean anything to them, most likely they won’t spend money on it. 

Memorable – will they remember it once they flip the page or walk away? Did it stay with them? Will they think of your name or logo next time they need your services or will they just flip through the yellow pages again? Will you be remembered? Make sure your message is one that will be remembered. 

Believable – Is it REAL? Will the really buy your story or does it look like you borrowed it from Fairy Tale land? Do unicorns have anything to do with your product? IF not – Don’t use it! Make them Believe it! 

Tip Number Three is to remember UMMB – Make it UNIQUE, MEANINGFUL, MEMORABLE and BELIEVABLE. 

NUMBER FOUR is KEEP IT SIMPLE! It is very easy to overwhelm your customers with too much information or something that is too BUSY or too bright. You want to grab them, not scare them so remember that sometimes LESS IS MORE in getting yourself noticed by your customers. Make sure that your message is clean, clear, concise, simple and to the point in order to really be effective in getting your message across to your customers.

Tip Number Four is KEEP IT SIMPLE!

 And last but not least:  

NUMBER FIVE is to Be Consistent. Once you find a good, unique logo or look that works for you – make sure that it stays consistent ALWAYS. Picture McDonald’s over the years –  and they have had many marketing campaigns but the Golden Arches have always remained the same. Close your eyes and think of Target and you will automatically see the RED Bulls Eye no matter what. Each time you see their Image it is the same color, same size, same basic look – because they are CONSISTENT. Remember to be true to your marketing look by remaining consistent always. Know your colors so that you can always have the exact same shade you used the first time. Be sure to have your logo in an email format that you can easily send to your printer, graphic designer or marketing consultant so that your look is always consistent. Don’t be afraid to ask for a soft copy of whatever is created for you – once you pay for it – it’s YOURS and you should be able to keep it for future use with whomever you choose to use in the future for your marketing needs. Protect your image by making sure it is always the SAME.

Tip Number Five is to make sure your marketing is CONSISTENT.

I hope these Tips to Getting Noticed have helped you get an idea of what you need to do in your journey towards SUCCESS.

MGS Designz is all about helping you grow your business through extraordinary marketing. We understand the importance of a Complete Branded Online Marketing Campaign that gives you Greater Online Visibility and an edge over your competition.

We specialize in Marketing Consulting, Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Blogging, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Training, Monthly Marketing Services and Creative Writing. We are based out of Cape Coral, FL and proudly service the Fort Myers, Lee County and Southwest Florida areas and beyond. 

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