I often use this space to showcase my clients and share some of my latest projects. This serves as a double purpose since you get to see samples of my work but I can also promote my amazing clients. Today is a special blog post since I get to share someone very beautiful and special with you! 

I met Jennyfer Torres about a year ago at a networking event and was immediately in awe with her beauty, joy and enthusiasm for life and business!  She is strong yet compassionate, outgoing and driven yet she has the ability to make you feel like you’re the only person in the room and only you matter. She is a business woman all the way but still manages to put her family and God first in everything she does. She has more energy than I can fathom and a laughter that is contagious and warming. The more I get to know Jennyfer the more I admire her and appreciate her friendship and all she gives to not only me but everyone around her. She is passionate about helping others, connecting people and leaving a positive footprint wherever she goes!

Last year Jennyfer reached out to me and asked me to create her a logo. She sent me a sample of what she had in mind and while we were discussing colors, fonts, styles and her brand I came up with this fabulous logo for her. Anyone who knows Jennyfer definitely knows how much she loves Rose Gold and bling. She wanted something bold but professional, unique but stylish and she absolutely loved her new logo.

Since then she has continuously sent people my way as referrals and we have recently begun working on another new project for her. Jennyfer continues to expand her professional wings and grow as a woman and in her career. Needless to say I am  proud of her courage to continue learning and growing all while raising two small children and managing her home life as wife and mom. Stay tuned because I will be soon showcasing more samples and success stories! 

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