Maybe In Another Lifetime

Maybe in another lifetime
we loved each other with such power
that it reached out across the barriers
of time and space into this lifetime
and once again brought us together
if only for a brief moment.

Maybe in another lifetime
we shared the kind of deep love
that makes anyone watching
ache to love and be loved with such
passion, power and excitement at just
the sight of me watching you, watching me
from a distance with a great desire
and insatiable hunger for one another.

Maybe in another lifetime
my heart skipped a beat at just the sight of you
while your smell sent my insides into a frenzy
and my lips longed for the sweet softness of yours
if you were away from me
for any amount of time.

Maybe in another lifetime
my skin tingled when it touched yours
and my body fit perfectly into
that warm space next to you
as we lay naked in my bed
spent and exhausted from hours
of passionately loving one other

Maybe, just maybe that’s why my fingers
tracing the lines and edges of your hands
arms and torso could somehow also feel the
strong curves and deep crevices of your
heart and soul simultaneously
and as I lay my head on your chest
listening to the soft sound of your heartbeat
I  could also hear the sounds of you soul
echoing in time intertwined in a melodic love song
softly flowing across the ages

Maybe it is why my eyes
immediately recognized you
as you walked in the door
captivating me with your presence
as I saw not only the beautiful man
you are today but also the many ages
spaces, faces and places
your spirit has lived, loved and
traveled in the many lifetimes before today

Maybe we stayed connected you and I
breaking the laws of life, gravity and time…
reaching out past that which was
and into that which is, here and now.
This great love once again pulling me
closer to you
feeling you
needing you
and longing for you
even as I write these lonely words…

Maybe in this lifetime
our paths will cross once again
and I will delightfully shower you
with my familiar love and affection
kissing every part of you
in a way that fills your heart with joy
and makes your skin smile with excitement

Maybe in another lifetime
my body and soul can once again melt into yours
in a powerful celebration of love,
pleasure and passionate ecstasy
that will be felt as waves of love
thoughout all eternity.

Monica Garcia Saenz © 2018

Writing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Every now and then I share a new poem in my writing blog. Today I decided to also share it here. Please click here to read more of my poetry and writings. 

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