Are you struggling on your journey towards success?

It’s actually more common that you might think!

Success isn’t an overnight achievement, in fact many people struggle and fail repeatedly before finally reaching their desired level of success. It’s something we all dream about but unfortunately, few people have what it takes to achieve it. It’s the road less traveled that we would all love to be on.

Why is that? Well, that’s the million dollar question that I’m going to answer for you today. In my line of work I come in contact with people who are in search of reaching a goal, realizing a dream or making more money… in other words, they are looking for success. They usually find me when they are ready to reinvent themselves or try a different approach to marketing their business, new or old. 

Over the years I have noticed a pattern in what I have personally witnessed and in what I have researched myself on the subject. Success has less to do with knowledge and more to do with wisdom. It has less to do with ability and more to do with actions. Less to do with opportunity and more to do with attitude. 

Success isn’t reserved for the lucky ones, the pretty ones or the wealthy ones with all the open doors. Success is available to all who believe in themselves, are willing to work hard consistently and choose to continue pulling on doors until the right one opens. 

Success is Cultivated over Time

There is a common misconception among many people that if they do X,Y and Z along with 1, 2 and 3 then over this amount of time they should achieve their desired results. When things don’t happen according to plan or as quickly as they wanted they become impatient and frustrated. 

Many people get an idea and start working on it, put in an enormous amount of effort and before they can reap the rewards of their labor they become disenchanted, disillusioned, frustrated and they move onto the next, new shiny thing. Then with the same amount of energy and enthusiasm their pour their heart out into this new thing but once again because of impatience, lack of faith or self doubt they give up and move onto something else. Before they know it years have passed and they are still back where they started and sometimes even worse off. The sad part is that they have no idea why.

The hard truth about success is that it oftentimes takes years of hard work, dedication, drive and determination to realize a dream. It doesn’t come from what you do sporadically but rather from what you do consistently, everyday.

It takes you waking up every morning and continuing to choose to believe in the power of your dreams. It means that you continue to walk in the direction of your goals even when the full road ahead isn’t clearly visible. It means you have to be willing to  keep going even when it’s slow or hard or not according to the plan you had in your mind when you started. 

Success isn’t always what we imagine.

The reason why most people usually give up is because the journey to success doesn’t always match up to the idea or the vision they had in their mind about it. So maybe it’s time to clear your mind about what success is supposed to look like and allow it to be what it is. Maybe it’s time to push aside fear and allow success to grow via our efforts.

Here’s what I do know about successful people: 

  1. They have a goal with a deadline.
  2. They believe in themselves.
  3. They aren’t afraid of hard work.
  4. They are consistent and stubborn.
  5. They are driven and determined.
  6. They are Passionate rather than money hungry.
  7. Their desire for success is greater than their fear.
  8. They don’t waste time talking, they just get it done!
  9. They find solutions instead of excuses. 
  10. They embrace faith and gratitude.
  11. They are optimistic and positive. 
  12. They help others on their way up. 

So next time you find yourself feeling frustrated and ready to give up on your dreams, stop and think it over. Remind yourself that it’s not supposed to be fast or easy and that the growth from the journey is just as important as achieving the dream.

From time to time, review this list above and see how much of it applies to you and what you might need to work on. Sometimes it actually is time to throw in the towel and start fresh, but sometimes we just need to embrace patience and faith as we continue pushing forward until we accomplish our goal! 

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